Atlantis Air Press Touchless Hot Normal And Cold Table Top Water Dispenser

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Atlantis is a leading brand of Water Dispensers in India. Having been in business for over 25 years,we have a presence across lengthand breadthof India.

The Atlantis range of hot and cold bottled water dispensers have gained immense popularity across India and are the preferred choice among small and large industrial establishments, as well as all types of corporates and offices.

The Air Press range of Touchless Water Dispensers from Atlantis promote comfort, case, hygiene and safety. The Air Press range works on the concept of Touchless or finger distance dispensing, which means that a user canget waterby just keeping their finger one inch away from the sensors on these machines.

Technical Specifications Model: Atlantis Air Press
No. of Faucets 3
Machine Dimensions (cm) 37.5X40.5X106
Net Weight (kg) 13.0
Gross Weight (kg) 14.8
Cold Storage Capacity (liters) 3.5
Power Source 220V/1P/50Hz
Power Cold (Max.) watts 110
Power Hot (watts) 500
Refrigerant R 134 a CFC Free
Cooling Capacity (liters per hour) 3
Heating Capacity Less than equal to 90 degree celcius, 5 Liters Per Hour
Condenser Static